Best papers 2017


  • ​Malinverni, E. S., Pierdicca, R., Bozzi, C. A., Colosi, F., & Orazi, R. (2017). Analysis and Processing of Nadir and Stereo VHR Pleiadés Images for 3D Mapping and Planning the Land of Nineveh, Iraqi Kurdistan. Geosciences, 7(3), 80.
  • Clini, P., Nespeca, R., & Ruggeri, L. (2017). INTERACTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR LEARNING AND COMMUNICATION IN THE NATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM OF MARCHE. International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences, 42.
  • Mondaini, G. (2017). Hong Kong Recupera Hong Kong. Politiche recenti di sviluppo  metropolitano, L'industria delle Costruzioni n°458/2017
  • ​Alici A. (2017). La Sicilia di Alvar Aalto, in Architetti in viaggio. La Sicilia nello sguardo degli altri, LetteraVentidue, Palermo, 2017, pp. 417-431 - ISBN: 978-88-6242-256-7
  • Mariano, F., Saracco, M., & Petetta, L. (2017). THE SEAPLANE BASE IVO MONTI AT S. NICOLA VARANO (FG): A MONUMENT OF MILITARY ARCHEOLOGY, BETWEEN HISTORY AND PROTECTION. International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences, 42.


Architettura tecnica
  • ​Bernardini, G., Postacchini, M., Quagliarini, E., Brocchini, M., Cianca, C., & D'Orazio, M. (2017). A preliminary combined simulation tool for the risk assessment of pedestrians’ flood-induced evacuation. Environmental Modelling & Software, 96, 14-29.
  • Di Giuseppe, E., Iannaccone, M., Telloni, M., D’Orazio, M., & Di Perna, C. (2017). Probabilistic life cycle costing of existing buildings retrofit interventions towards nZE target: Methodology and application example. Energy and Buildings, 144, 416-432.
Produzione edilizia
  • ​Jones, R. V., Fuertes, A., Gregori, E., & Giretti, A. (2017). Stochastic behavioural models of occupants' main bedroom window operation for UK residential buildings. Building and Environment, 118, 144-158.
  • Vaccarini, M., Carbonari, A., & Casals, M. (2017). Development and calibration of a model for the dynamic simulation of fans with induction motors. Applied Thermal Engineering, 111, 647-659.


  • ​Brocchini, M., Calantoni, J., Postacchini, M., Sheremet, A., Staples, T., Smith, J., ... & Corvaro, S. (2017). Comparison between the wintertime and summertime dynamics of the Misa River estuary. Marine Geology, 385, 27-40.
  • Antuono, M., Colicchio, G., Lugni, C., Greco, M., & Brocchini, M. (2017). A depth semi-averaged model for coastal dynamics. Physics of Fluids, 29(5), 056603.
Infrastrutture viarie
  • ​Stimilli, A., Virgili, A., & Canestrari, F. (2017). Warm recycling of flexible pavements: Effectiveness of Warm Mix Asphalt additives on modified bitumen and mixture performance. Journal of Cleaner Production, 156, 911-922.
  • Graziani, A., Canestrari, F., Cardone, F., & Ferrotti, G. (2017). Time–temperature superposition principle for interlayer shear strength of bituminous pavements. Road Materials and Pavement Design, 1-14.


Scienza delle Costruzioni
  • ​Kovacic, I., & Lenci, S. (2017). Externally excited purely nonlinear oscillators: insights into their response at different excitation frequencies. Nonlinear Dynamics, 1-14.
  • Donnini, J., y Basalo, F. D. C., Corinaldesi, V., Lancioni, G., & Nanni, A. (2017). Fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix behavior at high-temperature: Experimental and numerical results. Composites Part B: Engineering, 108, 108-121.
Tecnica delle Costruzioni
  • ​Carbonari, S., Morici, M., Dezi, F., Gara, F., & Leoni, G. (2017). Soil-structure interaction effects in single bridge piers founded on inclined pile groups. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 92, 52-67.
  • Capozucca, R. (2017). Experimental response of historic brick masonry under biaxial loading. Construction and Building Materials, 154, 539-556.