Best papers 2020


Rilievo e Storia
  • Alici A. (2020). Ralph Erskine and Italy: a dialogue with the historic town. In Ch. Pech, M. Andersson (eds.), ArkDes Research Symposium on Architectural History (pp. 226-244). Stockholm: ArkDes.
  • Di Stefano, F., Gorreja, A., Malinverni, E.S., Mariotti, C. (2020). Knowledge modeling for heritage conservation process: from survey to HBIM implementation. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, in corso di pubblicazione.
  • Quattrini, R., Pierdicca, R., Paolanti, M., Clini, P., Nespeca, R., & Frontoni, E. (2020). Digital interaction with 3D archaeological artefacts: evaluating user’s behaviours at different representation scales. Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, (
Progettazione e Restauro
  • F. Alberti, G. Mondaini. Beijing Daxing International Airport. Un progetto di Zaha Hadid Architects per l’hub aeroportuale più grande del mondo. Rassegna di architettura e urbanistica. Vol. 160. Architettura, folle e città. Quodlibet, Macerata, 2020. ISBN 978-88-2290515-4 (Permalink: 
  • Perchinunno P., Mongelli L., Rotondo F.. A multidimensional approach for the identification of environmental and health wellness territories, Ecological Indicators, Volume 110, March 2020 (
  • Bonvini P., Mondaini G., Memoria, identità e innovazione. Materiali per il progetto delle aree interne. Sperimentazioni didattiche. In: Pignatti L., “Territori fragili. Saggi ed approfondimenti dopo IFAU 2018”, Gangemi editore, Roma, 2020. ISBN 978884923668.


Architettura tecnica
  • Bernardini, G., Quagliarini, E., D'Orazio, M., & Brocchini, M. (2020). Towards the simulation of flood evacuation in urban scenarios: Experiments to estimate human motion speed in floodwaters. Safety science, 123 ( 
  • Marchione, F., & Munafò, P. (2020). Experimental strength evaluation of glass/aluminum double-lap adhesive joints. Journal of Building Engineering (
  • Di Giuseppe, E., D’Orazio, M., Du, G., Favi, C., Lasvaux, S., Maracchini, G., & Padey, P. (2020). A stochastic approach to LCA of internal insulation solutions for historic buildings. Sustainability, 12(4), (
Produzione edilizia
  • Tejedor, B., Casals, M., Macarulla, M., & Giretti, A. (2019). U-value time series analyses: Evaluating the feasibility of in-situ short-lasting IRT tests for heavy multi-leaf walls. Building and Environment, 159, 106-123. ( 
  • Carbonari, A., Messi, L., Naticchia, B., Vaccarini, M., & Pirani, M. (2020). Development of a BIM-based holonic system for real-time monitoring of building operational efficiency. Frontiers of Engineering Management, 7(1), 89-103. (
  • Naticchia, B., Corneli, A., & Carbonari, A. (2020). Framework based on building information modeling, mixed reality, and a cloud platform to support information flow in facility management. Frontiers of Engineering Management, 7(1), 131-141. (


  • Melito, L., Postacchini, M., Sheremet, A., Calantoni, J., Zitti, G., Darvini, G., ... & Brocchini, M. (2020). Hydrodynamics at a microtidal inlet: Analysis of propagation of the main wave components. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 235 (
  • Zitti, G., Fattore, F., Brunori, A., Brunori, B., & Brocchini, M. (2020). Efficiency evaluation of a ductless Archimedes turbine: Laboratory experiments and numerical simulations. Renewable Energy, 146, 867-879 (
  • Ranieri, E., Zitti, G., Riolo, P., Isidoro, N., Ruschioni, S., Brocchini, M., & Almeida, R. P. (2020). Fluid dynamics in the functional foregut of xylem-sap feeding insects: A comparative study of two Xylella fastidiosa vectors. Journal of Insect Physiology, 120 (
Infrastrutture viarie
  • Ingrassia, L. P., Lu, X., Ferrotti, G., Conti, C., & Canestrari, F. (2020). Investigating the “circular propensity” of road bio-binders: Effectiveness in hot recycling of reclaimed asphalt and recyclability potential. Journal of Cleaner Production, 255 (
  • Gaudenzi, E., Cardone, F., Lu, X., & Canestrari, F. (2020). Analysis of Fatigue and Healing Properties of Conventional Bitumen and Bio-Binder for Road Pavements. Materials, 13(2), 420 (
  • Raschia, S., Perraton, D., Graziani, A., & Carter, A. (2020). Influence of low production temperatures on compactability and mechanical properties of cold recycled mixtures. Construction and Building Materials, 232 ( 


Scienza delle Costruzioni
  • Molari, L., Mentrasti, L., & Fabiani, M. (2020, April). Mechanical characterization of five species of Italian bamboo. In Structures.(Vol. 24, pp. 59-72). Elsevier. ( 
  • Davì, F. (2020). Exact and linearized refractive index stress-dependence in anisotropic photoelastic crystals. Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 476(2238), ( 
  • Lancioni, G., & Alessi, R. (2020). Modeling micro-cracking and failure in short fiber-reinforced composites. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 137, (
Tecnica delle Costruzioni
  • Capatti, M. C., Dezi, F., Carbonari, S., & Gara, F. (2020). Dynamic performance of a full-scale micropile group: Relevance of nonlinear behaviour of the soil adjacent to micropiles. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 128, 105858 (
  • Capozucca, R., & Magagnini, E. (2020). Experimental response of masonry walls in-plane loading strengthened with GFRP strips. Composite Structures, 235, 111735 ( 
  • Ragni, L., Micozzi, F., Tubaldi, E., & Dall’Asta, A. (2020). Behaviour of structures isolated by HDNR bearings at design and service conditions. Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 1-24 (