Best papers


Rilievo e Storia
  • Alici A. (2021). Franco Albini and Leslie Martin: 'a parallel working life', in Ciccarelli L., Melhuish C. (eds), Post-war Architecture between Italy and the UK. Exchanges and transcultural influences, UCL Press, 70-85.
  • Clini, P., Quattrini, R., Nespeca, R., Angeloni, R., D’alessio, M. (2021). L’Adriatico come accesso alla cultura tangibile e intangibile dei porti: il Virtual Museum di Ancona. Connecting - drawing for weaving relationships. Linguaggi, distanze, tecnologie, Franco Angeli Editore, 528-547, (
  • Di Stefano, F., Chiappini, S., Gorreja, A., Balestra, M., & Pierdicca, R. (2021). Mobile 3D scan LiDAR: a literature review. Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk, 12(1), 2387-2429. (
Progettazione e Restauro
  • Ferretti M., Quattrini R. (2021), "Digitization and Design of Archaeological Heritage: An Interdisciplinary Research Approach to Flaminia Cultural District", in Bianconi F., Filippucci M. (eds.) Digital Draw Connections. Representing Complexity and Contradiction in Landscape, Springer, Switzerland, pp. 909–30.
  • Rotondo F. (accettato per la pubblicazione), Rigenerare il rapporto tra la città ed i suoi Mari. Il recupero e la valorizzazione dei Waterfront. In: Domus.
  • Biagi, S., Calamai, A., Marcelli, C., & Papalini, F. (2021). Boundary value problems associated with singular strongly nonlinear equations with functional terms. Advances in Nonlinear Analysis, 10(1), 684-706. (
  • P. Montecchiari, P.H. Rabinowitz,  A nondegeneracy condition for a semilinear elliptic system and the existence of multibump solutions. Calc. Var. 60, 122 (2021). (


Architettura tecnica
  • Bernabei, L., Mochi, G., Bernardini, G., & Quagliarini, E. (2021). Seismic risk of Open Spaces in Historic Built Environments: A matrix-based approach for emergency management and disaster response. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 65, 102552. (
  • Latini, A., Di Giuseppe, E., D'Orazio, M., Di Perna, C. (2021). Exploring the use of immersive virtual reality to assess occupants’ productivity and comfort in workplaces: An experimental study on the role of walls colour. Energy and Buildings, 253, 111508. (
  • Marchione, F., Munafò, P. (2021). Experimental investigation on timber-glass double-lap adhesive joints reinforced with nylon fabric. Construction and Building Materials, 275, 122152. (
Produzione edilizia
  • Giretti, A., Corneli, A., & Naticchia, B. (2021). A Decision Support System for Scenario Analysis in Energy Refurbishment of Residential Buildings. Energies, 14(16), 4738. (
  • Spegni, F., Carbonari, A., & Vaccarini, M. (2021, October). Process-based simulation models using BPMN for construction management at runtime. In Proc. of the Conference CIB W78 (Vol. 2021, pp. 11-15). (
  • Messi, L., de Soto, B. G., Carbonari, A., & Naticchia, B. (2021). Addressing COVID-19 Spatial Restrictions on Construction Sites Using a BIM-Based Gaming Environment. 2021 Proceedings of the 38th ISARC, Dubai, UAE (


  • Bernardini, G., Finizio, F., Postacchini, M., & Quagliarini, E. (2021). Assessing the flood risk to evacuees in outdoor built environments and relative risk reduction strategies. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 64, 102493.
  • Brocchini, M., Postacchini, M., Melito, L., Perugini, E., Manning, A. J., Smith, J. P., & Calantoni, J. (2021). Wave-Forced Dynamics at Microtidal River Mouths. In River Deltas-Recent Advances. IntechOpen.
  • Baldoni, A., Perugini, E., Soldini, L., Calantoni, J., & Brocchini, M. (2021). Long-term evolution of an inner bar at the mouth of a microtidal river. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 262, 107573.
Infrastrutture viarie
  • Canestrari, F., Cardone, F., Gaudenzi, E., Chiola, D., Gasbarro, N., & Ferrotti, G. (2022). Interlayer bonding characterization of interfaces reinforced with geocomposites in field applications. Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 50(1), 154-162 (
  • Ingrassia, L. P., & Canestrari, F. (2021). VECD analysis to investigate the performance of long-term aged bio-asphalt mixtures compared to conventional asphalt mixtures. Road Materials and Pavement Design, 1-16 (
  • Raschia, S., Di Benedetto, H., Lamothe, S., Carter, A., Graziani, A., & Perraton, D. (2021). Thermo-rheological modelling of cement-bitumen treated materials in the small strain domain. Transportation Geotechnics, 31, 100647 (


Scienza delle Costruzioni
  • Lenci, S. (2021). Propagation of periodic waves in beams on a bilinear foundation. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 207, 106656. (
  • Serpilli, M., Clementi, F., & Lenci, S. (2021). An experimental and numerical study on the in-plane axial and shear behavior of sprayed in-situ concrete sandwich panels. Engineering Structures, 232, 111814. (
  • Standoli, G., Salachoris, G. P., Masciotta, M. G., & Clementi, F. (2021). Modal-based FE model updating via genetic algorithms: Exploiting artificial intelligence to build realistic numerical models of historical structures. Construction and Building Materials, 303, 124393. (
Tecnica delle Costruzioni
  • Capozucca, R., & Magagnini, E. (2021). Brickwork wall models strengthened with diagonal and horizontal GFRP strips. Composite Structures, 271, 114062. (
  • Scozzese, F., Gioiella, L., Dall'Asta, A., Ragni, L., & Tubaldi, E. (2021). Influence of viscous dampers ultimate capacity on the seismic reliability of building structures. Structural Safety, 91, 102096. (
  • Gara, F., Arezzo, D., Nicoletti, V., & Carbonari, S. (2021). Monitoring the Modal Properties of an RC School Building during the 2016 Central Italy Seismic Swarm. Journal of Structural Engineering, 147(7), 05021002. (